Entrepreneur Package (For Business and Residential)

Entrepreneur Package (For Business and Residential)

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Our Entrepreneur Package was created so you can split your subscription hours between one home and one business location. 

Services we offer under this package:

  • Hanging shelves
  • Hanging photos or seasonal decorations
  • Fixing/replacing broken floor or wall tiles
  • Changing stained, broken, or missing drop ceiling tiles and framing
  • Fixing/replacing doors
  • Changing door locks and handles (not including commercial store fronts)
  • Patching walls
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Hanging accessories or mirrors 
  • Caulking/Silicone counters and other sanitary areas
  • Storm Prep (boarding windows / placing sand bags)

Feel free to contact us and let us know what you're looking for. If you need something done that isn't on the list, please reach out. You can email us at: Subscribehandyman@gmail.com

Subscribe Handyman is here for you!


At time of purchase you will receive 8 hours of come and go labor based on 1 hour intervals. If you exceed your 8 hours and request for more work to be done within the same quarter. You will be billed at a discounted rate of $62.50 per hour needed.

Our normal going rate is $75.00 per hour for one mechanic. $120 per hour for a mechanic and a helper. That is a huge saving, so cut the costs and put the money back into your business.

Any further questions please email: Subscribehandyman@gmail.com